I recently came across what I now consider one of my favorite inspirational words to live by. And it read as follows:



The background picture to these words is an iceberg, with hundreds of feet of ice below the surface and the tip of the iceberg at the top.

Success has many definitions, in my opinion. For some it could be achieving financial stability. For some it could be love. The meanings are endless.

For me personal success is my family, good health and then financial stability. Without any one of those I could not and would not identify my life as being successful. For without my family I would be empty. For without my health, I am unable; for without financial stability I cannot provide.

Risks: My family immigrated to the United States and started a new life. In 1993 I started my own business.
Failure: I experienced failure in school and with a marriage.

Doubts: I never thought I could or would become anyone capable of getting a degree or finishing school and, most definitely, I never thought I’d ever be financially independent.

Criticism: Much, too much, to mention. Bullying, domestic violence…

Discipline: Started with working alongside my parents on a dairy farm and then as a young adult through school, and now as an adult with work and family.

Sacrifices: I go without so that others can have, and I don’t look back or feel sorry for myself.

Rejections: I have lost some battles and I have been hurt by many.

Late Nights: I have stayed up all night to finish work. I have stayed up all night for someone I love.

Persistence: I never give up!

Hard Work: My parents taught me about true grit of hard work day in, day out!

Success has many definitions and comes in many measures and it applies to all.