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I recently came across what I now consider one of my favorite inspirational words to live by. And it read as follows: SUCCESS HARD WORK PERSISTENCE LATE NIGHTS REJECTIONS SACRIFICES DISCIPLINE CRITICISM DOUBTS FAILURE RISKS The background picture to these words is an iceberg, with hundreds of feet of ice below the surface and the […]

Courts Bring Back Court Reporters After Electronic Recording Use

When it comes to ensuring an accurate, fast and cost-effective record of court proceedings, judicial systems around the country are choosing court reporters instead of recording systems. Real-time translation and daily copy transcripts are available only with a court reporter, providing huge time savings, cost savings, and much greater efficiency. Court reporters have been the […]

Immigrants in the US

I am an immigrant. I am a Portuguese American immigrant. My father traveled alone to the US in 1965. In 1967, when I was two years old, we immigrated to the US. For many years, my father milked cows for a living. And when he and my mother had saved up enough money, they purchased […]

Helpful Tips When Conducting Depositions

Seat the court reporter close to the witness. Even if a room is small, it is sometimes difficult for the court reporter to hear a soft-spoken witness. This will ensure the court reporter has the best opportunity to hear the witness’s answers. This is important because the reporter is taking down every work that is spoken […]

The Importance of a Certified Court Reporting Firm

As the owner and operator of Marcus Deposition Reporting, a certified court reporting firm, I would like to make you aware of what could be critical differences between a firm like mine and litigation support companies which engage in third-party contracts for court reporting services. Furthermore, litigation support companies are not owned and operated by […]

Dina’s Start in Court Reporting

Marcus Deposition Reporting is a court reporting company providing all aspects of reporting and/or stenographic services all over the US, whether it be real-time reporting, CART, trials, depositions, hearings, arbitrations, expert testimony, independent medical examinations, and much, much more. Marcus Deposition Reporting has been a successful and thriving court reporting company for over 25 years. […]