Violence in America

Violence in America

With the growing number of incidents involving terroristic acts and mass murders in America, we find ourselves asking why did this happen? How did this happen? Who can we blame? How can we fix violence in America?

A better question would be: What can we do to make things better?

I don’t believe banning guns is the answer. Just as we can’t control the sale of drugs and alcohol, even if we prohibit the purchase and ownership of guns, people can and will obtain them through illegal means. I think the saying, “If you ban guns, only criminals will have guns” is apt. I hate guns as much as I hate the drugs that addict us and kill a large segment of our society every day. If we deny the right to own firearms, I fear we will simply make the criminals of our society more aggressive, stronger and more capable of crime, because of a lack of self-defense.

I hear people screaming “GUN CONTROL,” but do we know what that means? Have we thought that through or are we just repeating what the politicians have put into our heads? Are we going to continue to be puppets and react and act like unmindful and uneducated people? Or are we going to come together and create solutions? I am also mindful that corrupt and selfish politicians fight for their own agendas and power, and I think many have no real courage of conviction.

As for schools, I wish there was a more formal testing process in place whereby children could be confidentially tested on their mental and emotional wellbeing. I presume, however, some would argue it would be an invasion of privacy rights, and the purpose of school is to impart knowledge and teach children to think and process information, and not to test children’s mental state or condition. We do take countless tests to measure our scholastic aptitude, however. You’d think we could implement testing in this regard without the risk of infringement of rights; easier said than done. I suppose these tests do not exist in our schools because it is not the right place for such testing, and I understand the privacy concern.

What about more stringent and formal reporting requirements of schools, so that when they spot concerning behavior toward violence or erratic behavior, notice is given to caregivers and others who can better determine if the child is a threat to themselves or to society. Perhaps added security is necessary at schools. I would not want our children going to school in an armed fortress, but by the same token, I want a school to be safe for the children while there. Greater security should be considered for the protection of our children.

We can’t become a completely sterile society, where those things which can create danger are completely banned from society: alcohol; guns; knives; etc. We can, however, increase the protection from such things at our schools.

It seems that people can and will find ways around the laws that are meant to protect us, and they’re doing it with relative ease and at such speed that it seems we will always be three steps behind them. Drug-induced and intoxicated people take innocent lives every day — just look at the death rate on our highways caused by intoxicated drivers. Too, the tragedy of drug overdoses seems to be increasing, not decreasing. I suspect everyone reading this blog knew someone who has died because of illegal drug overdose. Why? It is a national tragedy. What are our politicians doing to solve that crisis? These are the issues they should focus on instead of the constant political infighting and bickering that seems to consume most of their time. I am convinced that politicians will not find the solutions to these pressing problems. The solution is us, and teaching our children right and wrong, and safety.

I want to see healthy progress in our world. I am a person with feeling and emotion, a conscience. I am educated in America. I have been bullied. I have suffered personal loss. I have suffered from emotional/mental distress. I have experienced crippling fear. I have experienced personal achievements and personal failures. I am like most of you reading this, and at the same time I am different from each. I am here and I am doing my best, day in, day out. Let’s think, let’s listen and let’s take action… not just be a silent conscience waiting for someone else to solve our problems. It’s easy, start at home, start with your friends and family, start at work. Just be sure to start! Making things better starts with us.