Definition of Success

My favorite inspirational message regarding the Definition of Success includes:         












The background picture to these words is an iceberg, with hundreds of feet of ice below the surface and the tip of the iceberg at the top. 

Success has many definitions, in my opinion.  For some it could be achieving financial stability.  For some it could be love, family…  The definitions are endless.

For myself, personal success is, first, good health; my family; and my business.  Without any one of those I would not identify life as being successful.  Personally, without health, I cannot succeed; without family, I would be empty; and without financial stability I cannot provide.

The words have the following meaning for me:

Hard Work:  My parents taught me about true grit that hard work produces, day in, day out!

Persistence:  I never give up!  Persistence always pays off.

Late Nights:  I have stayed up all night to finish work.  I have stayed up all night for someone I love.

Rejections:  I have lost some battles and I have been hurt by many.    The loss business to others is a constant reminder of rejection.

Sacrifices:  I go without so that others can have, and I never look back or feel sorry for myself.

Discipline:  My discipline started at a very early age working alongside my parents on a dairy farm, and working through learning difficulties in school.  As I grew older, discipline became even more important to keep up with changing times and the high demands of court reporting and running a household and family.

Criticism:  I have experienced much criticism from bullies at school and from ignorant people.  And that’s what I have to remember; they are ignorant.

Doubts:  In court reporting, I feared and had doubt about my ability to finish my degree and attain my certificate in court reporting.  But I pushed my doubts aside and now I own Marcus Deposition Reporting and I appreciate being financially independent.  

Failure:  I experienced failure on many levels, including with family and business.  Failures have befallen on me with slamming doors and losing clients to court reporting companies that cut corners and operate unethically.  I have experienced failures personally with struggles in school and struggles from a failed marriage; something I will never forget, but a failure I consider to be a blessing in disguise.

Risks: My family immigrated to the United States and started a new life.  In 1993 I started my own business.  I continue to take risks every day just by leaving my home.  We live in a dangerous world and we must go forward and succeed. 

Success has many definitions and comes in many measures and it applies to all.